Monday, June 09, 2008

creative writing

(the picture was taken at his perfomance on Saturday, where they did all the dances from their cinco de mayo concert)

With tomorrow being the last day of school, the kids are starting to clean out their desks. Harmony's backpack was so weighed down today that she actually ripped a seam. Grrr. Anyway, as I was going through some of Ethan's work, I just had to laugh at these two papers he wrote. ( Creative spelling is Ethan's,not mine!)

"Everyday my brother Ivan brakes my lego creacherus but I didn't hit him. I just built it all over again.The next day I broke my house I mayed. I didn't even care. I just biult it agin. It was cool."

"My friend is Connor. He is my little brother. He is shorter than me. We like to jump rope. He has brown hair like me. We have Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga. We like build it nad then play with. WE love to play video games. Our favorite game is My Sims. We make our own person, a house and a town. We enjoy playing it everyday, except Sunday. Our Mom doesn't let us play on Sunday."

Nothing was written about Harmony though...

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