Friday, May 30, 2008

new look

When Harmony first got her glasses, we had a very limited selection. So she chose purple Mary Kate & Ashley frames. They looked really cute on her. She was not the MOST responsible child with her glasses though. They were plastic and we had to take them in to get fixed soooo many times.

Yesterday, I went to pick her up and noticed right away that she wasn't wearing any glasses. Uh-oh. She happened to be in her teachers line, for the car riders, and he let me know that he had tried to super glue them back together, but they actually broke twice. This time they had broken right in the middle.

So I took her to the store to get some new ones. She is so quick to tell you exactly what she likes. She found these cute little red ones. We went with metal this time, hoping they might last a little longer. She later told me, " I think your glasses really need to match your personality. That is why I like these ones. They say that I am sweet and caring."

What a sweet girl. I love the new look.


The Farr's said...

She looks so cute in glasses! I really like her new ones! If I looked that cute in glasses I might not bother with the contacts!

Mary said...

"They say that I'm sweet and caring." How cute! She looks great in those! My Lindsey chose purple frames for her first glasses too that she wears right now - but those red ones are very cool.