Sunday, May 04, 2008

a rant...

Because I worked at Dairy Queen for many, many years. Because I worked a seasonal shift at Wal Mart, I am generally pretty nice when it comes to dealing with customer service. I realize that people make mistakes and try to be really nice. Well there is one company that I have been dealing with and I can not take it any longer. I tried to call Ben so I could get this off my chest however, he didn't answer his phone. Maybe he is phsycic...he just had a feeling he shouldn't answer! :)

So you,my lovely blogging audience get to hear my story. One I will call I Hate Sprint. It all started when we got our orders to come here. I called Sprint and was told that they will cancel my account if I just fax in a copy of Ben's orders. No problem right?

So around August, Eric faxed everything into sprint. I was told "oh don't worry your account has been cancelled." The next month...I get a bill. I was told, " it probably just got sent out before your fax came in,no problem. Account canceled." And I have now been told that every.single.month.since. I have been calling and being told that it is canceled since Aug. I am so fed up. One of the last calls I made, when she said it was taken care of, I actually said yeah right I will talk to you next month. For rude I know. I couldn't help it.

Then what happens? They put my account into collections. Ben was like just pay it. I was about too until...I get a new bill today. Pushed me off the deep end. I called. I yelled at some poor customer service girl. I yelled at some guy who told me not to get upset. That was the wrong thing to say let me tell you. I let him have an earful. He transferred me to someone else. I told her I was not getting off the phone until this was dealt with. And do you know what she told me? " Well we reactivated your phone back in January, and than you got charged an early termination fee. But don't worry, I fixed it so you don't have to pay it." Wait, back up there.Sprint decided to REACTIVATE my phone and then had the nerve to not only charge me for that, but than to charge me an early termination fee! Holy crud. I was floored. I said some choice words, told her if I got another bill I would be going to go visit JAG ( a little dramatic I know but...) and gave her a few more choice words ( not swear words!) and hung up with yet another confirmation number.

Needless to say, I will never use Sprint again. Never. So this is how I start out my day. FANTASTIC!

Boy that felt good to get off my chest!


The Anglesey Family said...

Just to let you know....I just called Sprint and told them that we were NOT going to renew our contract when we got back to the states. I stated in the letter that they obviously did NOT support the troops by the way they treated your situation. (by the way...I throw that line out as much as I can. I told target the other day that they did not support the troops either by not shopping here. Its good leverage!) Soo....Anyway....Just wanted you to know that I have your back!

marie said...

Thanks Tiffany. I was sooo mad. Whew they got an earful from me. ben was like I am so glad I wasn't there!