Monday, May 12, 2008

this & that

The fact is that, my house is a mess. I believe a tornado has actually gone through here. Or maybe I should pretend that the earthquake (6.7) that we had on Saturday is what did the damage. Yeah I think that is a good idea. However, I am not actually going to clean it. Yet. I need to update the old blog. Priorities right?

My Mothers Day gift is actually going to be a trip to Bali in October. So I told Ben that he didn't have to buy me anything. I am so nice huh? However, Ben and the kids did make me dinner. Ethan has learned how to make pancakes. I have to mix it, but he pours it on the griddle, flips them and then puts them on the plate. Impressive huh? Harmony and Ethan worked together to make pancakes, Ben made juice and sausages and bacon. It was very sweet and I loved all of the kids homemade cards, paper flowers and sweet mothers day wishes. I am a lucky mom!

Yesterday morning, Harmony came down stairs with her uniform on, but with an extra outfit in her hand. When asked about it, she said, " well it is for my school play." I was like what on earth are you talking about? It turned out that all the 3rd grade classes were acting out a folktale. I asked her when and where. She said, "well at around 9:15 but I don't know where." I told her I wouldn't be able to come if I didn't know the time and place. Tears welled up but I told her she could go to school and than see if she could call me with the info.

I was in the bathroom when the phone rang, and so I didn't actually answer it. Her teacher told her that he left a message, but she was very worried I wouldn't make it. Well being the SuperMom that I am, I was there. Her play was cute. She played a cat. "I love cats Mom. This is like a dream come true!" Her class actually went first so that worked out well. Ivan only sits in the stroller for so long! By the end she started putting her instrument in front of her face. I hope she does not go through a stage of not wanting to get her picture taken. Not with this camera happy Mom!

**the top picture is just for fun. E got a Nintendo DS for his birthday. Do you think the other boys were interested in it, at all? Not to mention Daddy who snuck and played with it last night! Boys!


Susan said...

Ethan's a cute little chef. He looks very comfortable at the griddle! Harmony's play was very cute - she makes an awesome cat.

Mary said...

Your upcoming trip combined with the pancakes and all the fun make for a rather awesome mother's day!