Thursday, May 08, 2008

did yah know?

Today, May 9th( at least it's May 9th for me) is Military Spouse Appreciation Day? And isn't it kind of interesting that it falls on Mothers Day weekend? It is like a double whammy for us.

I don't really know any Navy husbands. I realize that they do exist, I just don't happen to know any. For our purposes today...we are speaking of Navy wives only.

I happen to know quite a few military wives. And I am in total admiration of them. These are some of the toughest bunch of women you will EVER meet. They have to be strong for their husbands, so that they can do their job. They have to be strong for their children. Explaining why Daddy can't be there for their big day. They have to be strong for their family. They have to be strong for their friends who need a shoulder to cry on, when their husband is gone. They have to be strong for themself. They serve dilligently in spouses groups. They serve in church. They volunteer. They bring their kids to activities, all by themselves, so that their little lives can be enriched. They sacrifice. They love. everything and a lot of times they do it on their own.

So I encourage you, to give all those military wives a hug. And a huge thank you. It is because of their sacrifice that we are the home of the brave.


Susan said...

If you weren't so far away, I would give you a BIG hug. I know you've been through a lot with having Ben gone - I love the way you always support him, no matter what. We're proud of those in the military - the soldiers/sailors/etc. and their wives, husbands, kids and extended families. God bless America & her troops!

Mark and Tammy said...

YEAH we amen that one Marie. I am here right now in San Diego with April and her family and they really do go through a lot-off shore duty, shore duty etc... Being a Naval wife is quite the job and everyone I know who is one Is spectacular-including yourself. I have always been impressed with my sister because there are times you want you spouse to be around but most of those times you do not have a choice-when they are serving our country. Today at Sea World they were having technical difficulties with there sound system and the only part that came in clear was the short one minute that they were honoring all the military and their service to give us our freedom. Both my sister and I found that to be the most awesome part. Keep going dear-you will persevere. And tell your husband THANK YOU