Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cinco de Mayo celebration

I will admit it, I love going to the kid's school programs. Let me rephrase that just a little...I love going to the kid's school programs when I don't have to wrestle with a 3 year old boy. ( Thanks Cindy for watching Ivan!!)

Ethan has been so excited about this program. They have been planning it for weeks and learning the dances since the beginning of the year. Ethan's teacher sent home a notice about the program, asking for the boys to wear white shirts, blue/black pants, and black shoes. So every day, Ethan has been reminding me of what he needs to wear. (Reminded me of his Dad, just a touch!)

So finally the big day was here. Ben had originally told Ethan that he would be there, and then didn't think he was going to be able to make it. However, he called me at 8:30 to let me know that he would be there. Ethan was so excited to have both of us there. Of course he gave me the little "hi Mom!" wave.

Ethan is a very good dancer and knew all of the dances. One of the classes, didn't have enough boys, and so Ethan was asked to help out. He knew every single step and did a wonderful job. We were laughing because he was so stiff as he was doing the dance. I loved watching it. He was adorable.

His class performed a dance and unfortunatley my camera battery was dying. So I wanted to hold out and tape his last dance.

This one was his absolute favorite. I don't remember the name of the dance, but it has something to do with a gorilla. Ethan was chosen along with 3 other kids from his class to perform it. ( 4 kids were chosen from each class.

It was a fun morning, and I loved watching him perform. What was also cute, was that Connor was in one of the first few rows. So they kept waving to each other. One of the girls in E's class told me, "Oh that is Ethan's best friend." I told her," not only are they friends but they are brothers." She was shocked by that news!

I am hoping that these videos work. Only one of Harm's worked so I am crossing my fingers!

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