Thursday, May 01, 2008

the traveling bug

When we found out we were coming to Guam, we had many people ask us if we were going to travel. We said no. We hadn't really planned on it. The reason? Bringing 4 kids on a vacation to a foreign country doesn't sound like an ideal vacation!

However, there are so many people here that we know, who have gone to Hong Kong, Japan, Bali, Palau...the list goes on and on. And I have sort of been bitten with this bug to go out and see new places.

So that is where my trip to Bali comes into play. But...I still wanted to do something more. The other day, we were eating lunch with a friend of ours, who is now living in Japan. I asked him, if I could convince Ben to go, would he be willing to take us around Japan. He said absolutely. That very day we started talking about it. And let me just tell you, it didn't take that much convincing! Ben was all for it.

We figure the easiest way to handle the kids, since we want this to be a couple trip, is to have each one go to a different home. I know I have some volunteers already.

So the plan is to go in January. So, so excited. Can you tell? That is a loooong way off, but I am still excited. I have been looking at this site


Susan said...

Sounds fun. I went through Japan on my way to The Philippines. I can say that I have been in the country, although the only thing I saw was the Tokyo airport! I bought a gorgeous wallet there, too, but it got stolen. Sad. I hope your plans work out, though :)

BTW: How did your scrapbooking class go? Or, have you had it yet?

marie said...

Yeah I am sooo looking forward to going. I told Ben that now that it is on my blog it is set in stone! :)

I haven't actually taught it yet. I am just waiting for them to figure out the scheduling. I am looking forward to doing it, just nervous!