Sunday, May 18, 2008


There were a lot of times this week when I had planned to sit down and update. But the week just got away from me. It has been such a busy week and this one looks like it is shaping up to be one also. But here is just some of the stuff that has been going on...

Friday night I had a Close to my Heart party. It went wonderful! I was so happy. I have alot of bookings and people who want to join a hostess club that I will be doing. I need 9 people and I had 5 sign up! So fun, so exciting. It was One lady had never scrapbooked before and so we made a page, and she said, " I am so proud of my first page! Thank you!!" Feels good...

On Saturday, we got up and grocery shopped, cleaned house and all that fun stuff. Harmony made brownies and I started cooking to take things up to Harmony's briding ceremony.

The ceremony started at 3. We headed up there with the boys who were not at all eager to be there. Other little boys were running around and I made them sit on the couch. Because after all, they were there to support their sister. They were so not happy! I tried to get a picture of the pouting but all I got were hands covering faces.

Harmony is no longer a Brownie scout. Once the girls go from one level to the next, they have to cross a bridge into the next one. Harmony actually helped sand the bridge she is standing on! She was cute and it was fun to see her with the other juniors. They all got awards and new badges. ( Christy, remember the lady with the blue hair? Yesterday she died it a nice bubble gum pink!)

The asian girl is Harmony's best friend Victoria. They are in the same class at school and also in her troop. I have to make sure to get her number so the girls can hang out this summer. They have a blast together.

Well by the end of the little boy had had enough. Ivan's favorite thing to do ( and Mommy's biggest pet peeve)is to lift the cushions up and hang out in there. Ben and I had been upstairs when we realized something was wrong. Ivan was making no noise. And that was how we found him!

Sunday was full of a lot of Indiana Jones. Ben bought me all the dvd's. However Connor loves them! He asked me the other day, " Mom, can you change my name to Indiana Jones?" So every now and then if I call him Connor, he rolls his eyes and says, "my name is Indiana Jones!" This morning, I went in to wake him up, and I whispered his name. With eyes barely open he says, " no Mom, I am Indiana Jones." The Indiana Jones fever has struck the boys. Connor wants to be Indiana Jones for Halloween. Although he has let me know that, " you can't be him if you don't have a hat!" So we are going to look around for awhile and see if we can find something.

Lots going on this week. I have about a hundred emails to respond too. So I am going to try to get things done. This is kind of random, I realize, it has just been a crazy week!

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orchard_girl said...

Marie, you're life sounds busy but fun. I've read your comments on my sisters blogs, Mary and Wendy's. Anyway, tried to listen to your parents talks this morning at Stake Conference. Two hours seems to turn into a wrestling match between us and our kids. I love seeing your parents at the grocery store, they always update my on you and your siblings.

My husband was in Guam on his mission, he loved it there and talks about it, Siapan and Hawaii a lot (a long time ago it was all one mission).
Heather K.