Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy birthday Ethan!!

As some people may have noticed, I hadn't blogged about Ethan's birthday at all. His birthday is Cinco de Mayo, but as we were having a sleepover we had to wait until Friday to really celebrate! So here is the break down, from A-Z...

A- all boys spending the night, an excited 7 year old
B-balloons, boys,
C-cake, craziness, complaining,cereal for breakfast, candy
D-decorations, dad making pizzas,
E-ETHAN! energetic, entertaining,
F- friends, family, food
G-giggles, grins, games, goofing off
H-Harry Potter cake, hardly any sleep,
I-Ivan trying to keep up with big boys, Ivan getting no sleep, Ivan eating way too much candy
J-jumping, juice, junk food
L-little sleep, lots of fun, LOUD, laughing, Lego Star Wars
M- "Mrs. T", mayhem, mustaches from juice
N- nerds candy all over the floor, no sleep, naps for Mom today
O-orange juice, on the go constantly, out numbered
P-pizza,pinata, presents, parents, playing at the park
Q- quiet? What's that?!
R- rowdy, running, remembering past birthdays (Mom), rambunctious
S-sleepless, Superman pinata, silly, Star Wars, sanity gone
T-tv, tons of fun, thank you's,
V- video games
W- webkinz,
X-tons of eXcitement
Z-zoo, " and sometimes the mother felt like she was in a zoo".

Happy Birthday Ethan! You are a bright spot in our family and we love you soooo much!

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Mark and Tammy said...

I don't think you got any sleep-from the sounds of it. How many boys did you have over??? Oh poor, poor you-but you must have been the number one mom for the night.