Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I don't really carry a diaper bag around too much anymore. However, whenever I bring Ivan to drop in he has to have a bag. Plus when I take him to the grocery store, I am also usually hauling a big coupon holder and my planner. So it is more like a big tote bag. There is nothing like leaving the house with a perfectly organized bag...only to return with one in chaos.

For example, after our last trip to the commissary my bag was overflowing with, reciepts, Ivan's crocs that he tossed in the aisle, empty snack bags, gross wipes from wiping cheeto hands etc...

So what works for me? I have started bringing ziplocs with me. One for each category, of the bag. I have a bag with wipes, diapers, extra outfit. Another one with sunscreen& bug spray. One with snacks. One for reciepts ( also makes it easier when it comes time to send in a refund or return something). One for other papers. And a kit for me. With chapstick, deodarant, a brush etc. And then one last one for garbage.

It works for me since I don't carry the traditional diaper bag. It may seem like a lot of bags, but it makes life easier!

On my Christmas wish list is organizing bags from the lazy organizer site. That is what I would love to use!

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Susan said...

Wow, you're an organizing machine! That sounds like a really good idea. I'm looking forward to the day when I won't have to carry diapers and wipes around AT ALL. Won't that be nice?

I've been meaning to check out the Lazy Organizer site...