Sunday, October 21, 2007

Out of the Mouth of babes (part 439,896)

I swear my kids are sooo funny. They honestly say the funniest things. So I started writing down just a couple of things that they said...

Yesterday, Harmony and I went on a Mommy & daughter date to Planet Hollywood. They have spare ribs on the kids menu and so she decided that is what she wanted. Once she got them, she said to me, " why are they called spare ribs anyway? It is not like, if you lose a rib, they give you a spare!"

One day, Connor told me that he needed to tell me a secret. Ethan's eyes got wide and he said, " don't tell her my weakness Connor!" I was really surprised and asked him, " what is your weakness Ethan?" He replied, " my number one weakness is chocolate. I can only eat it once a day!" Now you might think that this is something that he learned from me, but that is not true. I mean why would I want to limit chocolate to once a day?!

OK this one is honestly more about Ben but...we were sitting at dinner and Harmony started talking about her day. She was telling us about this boy and girl in her class, when she said, " I know they like each other. It is soooo obvious." Ben just looked at her and said, " stop talking like a 14 year old!"

Life around this house is just a laugh a minute!

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