Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just another manic...morning

I did not go to bed until after midnight last night. Ben left for PT early this morning. Ivan woke up at 6 am and got in bed with me. I fell back to sleep. " Marie, the kids are going wild downstairs".Ben is home. Dang it, what time is it? Not a good start. Kids get dressed. Connor is wearing shorts that are just a touch to small, Harmony is wearing a pair that are usually her pj's. " But I don't have any more". Oh yes you do. She changed without too much fuss. Then it was 20 min. until it was time to be outside. Lunches needed to be packed. Book orders filled out. Money for the school store to dole out. Breakfast to be made. Harmony's hair to be brushed, and Ivan's diaper is sagging, while he is screaming and crying because Ethan will not share Lego ships. At 10 minutes and counting, Harmony is re-writing her homework. Hair still undone. Finally, backpacks are packed with homework and lunches. Ivan is still crying over legos. Boys are out the door, and just a few seconds later Harmony is out too. And I don't have to see them again until 3. phew. I lock the door behind them as Ivan the escapee is heading for the door. He settles down, because he has finally stolen the lego ships, and I turn on my laptop. Doorbell. Crap. Thinking it is maybe one of the workers who are painting our housing. No it is Harmony. "What on earth are you doing here?!" " Mom the gate is locked!" Yeah. Those dreaded stairs, at the top,is a gate that they lock after hours. Apparently no one felt it was necessary to unlock it. Groups of kids are now heading back to their homes, or jumping over the fence. Throw my kids and the neighbor boy in the van ( who "forgot" to put his seatbelt on, and go and drop them off. As I am leaving the school, I can't find my ID card, which I have to have to get back into my house. Finally find it. Go through the gate and let the guard know that the other one needs to be unlocked. "Yeah a lot of people have told us that." he looks thrilled that I let him know this piece of info. Drive home. Ivan is crying because he wants "gum gum". I get him in the house. What a morning. At least things have settled now...but man what a way to start the day!


The Farr's said...

Just reading that made me tired!! hang in there my friend!!

Susan said...

LOL - I was going to say the exact same thing as Beth. Just reading your post made me tired. Hopefully, your afternoon was more relaxed :)