Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy day

Harmony and I had a busy day yesterday! Girl scouts in the morning, and then we decided to go out to lunch as a date.

The girl scouts were going on a tour of a submarine the USS Houston. I had never been on a sub and was very interested. We stood topside and learned about the nuclear reactors. The Lt. was obviouslyThe girl not used to talking about things with young girls. He made a comment about, if one of the piece of equipment failed, " if we didn't die right away..." yeah. But all in all we had a good time. We got to go below and see the torpedos and the other computer and machinery rooms. The most interesting part for me, was seeing the galley. I talked to the CS ( is it culinary specialist Cindy?) who is the guy in charge of all the food on the ship. He told me that for each meal, he has to start 2 hours before the meal is served. He said he makes everything from scratch, and that there were no convenience foods at all. I thought it was really interesting how they prepare and plan for meals. And Cindy, when they said he was a CS I knew what it was!! Obviously not what it stood for but..." luv my cs" was in my mind!

We then went into the command room and looked through the periscope. The girls were a little dissapointed that all they could see was the parking lot!

We were only allowed to take pictures topside, but my camera battery died after 2 pictures. There was a reporter there and she is going to share pictures, along with Harmony's leader. So I will share those when I get them.

After that it was on to Planet Hollywood. It was nice to be with just my girl! She declared it her 2nd fav. restaraunt. Hard Rock Cafe is her 1st. She got so messy eating her spare ribs and is now embarrased that I am putting that picture on. Poor thing, she will get over it. The picture of us, I don't look good at all, but that doesn't matter. The ship behind us was used in Independence Day.

It was a long day as we did a little bit of shopping afterward. We had fun though!

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