Saturday, October 13, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

It is not actually Saturday. I admit it. It is Sunday. But honestly, it is not an easy task to get the computer away from Ben on Saturdays! Anyway, one of the blogs that I love to look at ( just looking at her flickr photos will make you drool is called the Lazy Organizer. I have always wanted to be organized and have never quite made it there. But I keep on trying. Anyway, she runs what is called Smart Habit Saturday. Where you pick a few things that you would like to work on during the week( or longer). So this week I am just going to pick 4 things. Things I am working on this week

** clean the kitchen as soon as we are done eating
**watch an hr. less of tv each day
** keep a log of what I am spending $$ on
**drinking 72. oz of water.

If you are interested in doing smart habit saturday, just check out her blog!


Rebecca said...

You had me fooled! It's still Saturday where I live. That's a great list. I clean my sink each night & try to drink lots of water too. Hope you enjoy SHS - lots of inspiration, encouragement & fun.

Ter said...

Still Saturday here too! 45 min. left! :)

Good luck with your habits! I want to do the $$ log someday too. I started one a couple months ago and only wrote things down for 2 days then my hubby screwed it up by making me spend money. haha ;)

Cocoa said...

These are all great habits to work on. Good luck with all of them. I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job!