Monday, October 01, 2007

fancy book learnin'

Harmony loves to read. She learned in kindergarten. Just picture books. By first grade she was reading...the newspaper. Amongst other things. Like my blog. My IM messages and to do lists. I finally had to tell her that just because she could read something...does not mean that she can.

Last year, Ethan learned a little bit of word recognition. But really wasn't interested in reading. He had some of his school books memorized but that was it. And I wasn't sure if he had them memorized or was reading it. I didn't worry though because he was really good about sounding out letters and recognizing.

This year, I kept thinking about how Harmony had already been reading by now. But the fact was...Ethan just didn't want too.

One night, he decided he wanted to read "One Fish Two Fish". He made very good progress and then gave up. The made up words were getting to him! The next night, he decided to read "Are you my Mother?" . Same thing happened. He got really far..and then he would quit.

Finally I made a deal with him. If he would read all of "Are You My Mother" I would buy him a pack of Pokemon cards. And guess what? The very next night...he did it! He is reading here and there, but he now wants a pack for every book. At $5 a pack, I told him that wasn't going to happen!! But I am very proud!!! Go Ethan!

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