Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For Susan..

My sister tagged me ( since I am so un-busy this week! LOL) It was funny because while I was reading hers, I thought wow, she has a lot of the same ones I do!! So I have to write 6 things about me ( deep dark secrets...or not) things that people probably don't know. Then leave a comment on other people's blogs for who I tag. Ready...set...go

1) I can't keep my house clean for longer than a day. It is true. One day I will work insanely hard, getting everything done. The next day, I am in the clear since all that work was done the day before,so I do very little...and then the next day, well it is a mess again. The kids don't make this easier on me either!

2)I keep a calender and a planner. And neither are complete. My planner, I take with me. So I can write things down when I am gone. My calender, I fill in with the kid's school calenders and when I make a phone call or recieve one. So neither are ever complete.Someday I will get it figured out!

3) My biggest goal in life is to become organized. If I were paid for all the times that I have "tried to get organized" well I would be able to pay someone to do it for me. The kid's dentist told me once that I am more organized then I realize. Seeing as how he had never entered my house I wondered how he would know that. He responded, " well your husband is deployed right? And you have 4 kids. But only one has an appt. today. So you are arranged babysitting for 3 kids, arrived 15 min. early, with all of your tri-care stuff in order." So maybe I am not as bad as I think...

4) I talk too much.No secret there. When it is time to leave somewhere, Ben says that I am "on my farewell tour". I can strike up a conversation with anyone. And I have. I will be talking to Ben about somebody and he will say who are you talking about? And it is usually something like, " oh my bagger at the commissary" or "this guy walking into the library"....

5)I like "old people" shows. Like Matlock and Murder She Wrote. Now I also love new ones but...it is just nice to watch something that is not rated TV 14 LSV. Or whatever. Nice to watch things that are just...more clean. No swearing, no sex, no graphic scenes...know what I mean?

6)I listened to High School Musical 2 in the car...and Harmony wasn't in there. I just love the music. Both of the soundtracks are fun to listen too.

Well hopefully that wasn't too boring for you all! OK lets see 6 people...I am choosing bloggers so here goes:


(Mom I didn't pick you since Susan already took you!)


Susan said...

Like I always say, Marie, we're so alike it's scary :)

marie said...

You know, that is what Ben always says too!