Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is Halloween over yet?!

The kids didn't have school on Friday but Ms. Harm had an all day Girl Scout event. They spent the day going on field trips but mostly worked on a Halloween carnival for their families. All day long I answered questions from the boys about where Harmony was. And about when it was finally time to put their costumes on!

One of the things that the girls did was have a safety pin, and everytime they did something that was responsible, they got a mark. Harmony had the most marks on hers! She was very excited to pick out her prize!

The boys had tons of fun and got a ton of candy and prizes. Ivan and Ethan both won in the costume contest! Ethan's costume we got for a $1 at the girl scout garage sale! How do you like that?! Ivan kept telling everybody that he was Woody.

Ben had to leave early, so we got home and I put the kids to bed. Then I stayed up and watched a scary movie until he came home. It was a fun day with the kids, but I was really tired because I had done a 5k that morning.Go me. Figure I have some mini candy bars to work off!

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