Sunday, October 14, 2007

Micronesian Island Fair

Although, our lives here on Guam, are not THAT much different than in the states, there are some notable differences.I forget that there is a lot of culture on this island. We were here for the Guam Liberation Days but didn't attend. So when I heard about the Micronesian Island Fair... I knew I wanted to go.

Harmony, Ben and I, are all suffering from colds. Ivan had slept a grand total of 5 hours the night before,and it was hot. So we decided to just go for a little while.

As soon as we got there, you could hear drums. One of things I love to watch are all the dancers. The kids love the music too. So we watched them for a little bit and then walked around to the different booths. We bought some bracelets for Harmony's girl cousins ( we are going to try to get them in the mail this week). Harm complained about not getting one, but then said, " well I guess I can get this stuff anytime". And she is right about that!

We tried mango doughnuts, which the kids didn't like. We walked around a garden and looked in a chamarro hut. The men were dressed in native outfits...meaning basically a loin cloth. Harmony told Ben, "I am not going over there. They are not even covered!" Ethan loved the hut and the goats outside it. Plus the birds in the cage.

By this time, the kids were sweating and so we went and got some shaved ice. Bubble gum all around. The kids played in the park and then we headed home. It was fun to get out for awhile. I think I will be going to the next island fair!

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