Friday, October 05, 2007

something new

OK, it may not be funny to everyone but...

For my whole life, the first weekend in October has always been devoted to one thing. General Conference. As a child, conference was BORING. Just a 2 hour art fest, as we were allowed to bring paper to color on. When I was at college, I started taking notes. Somewhere along the way it became important to me! :)

Starting when we left for college, my siblings and I, usually call my Mom on the weekends to update. My Mom told me that she could always tell who was watching conference by when they called her that weekend! But this year, it's a little different for us.

Conference for us starts at around 1am. So we will not be watching. We figure, even if we did stay up until then, we would probably fall asleep during the session. Or if we woke up, we would probably fall back to sleep!

None of the branches here have satelite, and it is not on tv. So they wait until the week after conference, get the dvd of the sessions, and then play it at one of the other branches.

When I thought of all the changes that we would make, being here on Guam, I didn't imagine conference would be one of them!

I have been reading about a "celebrity scrapbooker" ( Ben says they don't exist) who has just picked up her family and moved to China, to support her husbands dream. She has written so much about her new city, and I realize that I really haven't written much about Guam. So I am going to try to take some pictures and show you what it is like around here!

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