Monday, October 08, 2007


Sometimes the fact that we are a day behind the rest of the US, has it's advantages! Like an extra day to get my posts done! :) This week, my menu plan is...kind of sad. It really is. Last week I spent so much time trying to match recipes with side dishes etc. This a little different.I have a 2.5 year old with a high fever. Who is currently, sweating, but refuses to take his "wanket" off. When Ivan is sick, he wants one thing, to be held. Constantly. While I love snuggling with him (as it is a rare event), it makes it sooo hard for me to get things done. Including the fact, that I am exaughsted! So here is my meal plan...trying to use things out of the pantry. I am going grocery shopping on Sat. so I haven't figured those two out yet. Like I said, kind of a sad week! Not too much inspiration here!

Tuesday: Ben's gone
B: cereal
D: Ben is picking up pizza ( along with more fever reducer)

B: applesauce and muffins
D:tuna helper,corn, rolls

D:chilimac, corn muffins, brocoli

Friday: ( planetarium trip for 3 big kids and me)
D: eggs, bisquits

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