Thursday, October 11, 2007

batting a thousand

Do you ever feel like, maybe being a mother, might not have been the best "career choice?" I would like to say now that my excuse is, "Ivan is sick and so I have been holding a crabby boy half the day, every day. I had spouse club stuff going on this week and now Harm is sick. And so am I." So now that you know all that, it will explain everything. Right?

And for some keeps happening to Connor. Although I did make Ethan mad when I took away his pokemon cards and wouldn't let him take them to school. But on to Connor...

Yesterday I had a very long day. And by my 3rd trip to the commissary ( yes you read that right)I was a little out of it. There was a woman standing in the frozen food section, that I thought looked familiar. But I just couldn't place her. Then Connor walks around the cart, and I hear her say " Oh hi Connor!" And then it hits a smack in the is his TEACHER! I am an idiot. And no the "McCool School" t-shirt did not help.

Then this morning, Harmony ended up staying home from school. I bought the kids Lunchables for today. So it was a nice relaxed morning. But something kept nagging at me. Something that I might have forgot. And then I realized, it was Connor's homework. He is my biggest complainer when it comes to homework. And this is kindergarten we are talking about here. Can't wait till high school! Anyway, Ben convinced him to do all his homework on Monday. And he did. He was so excited to turn it in, but he is supposed to wait until Friday. So I made him wait. Well when I realized that we forgot it, I thought oh I will be "Mommy to the rescue" and take it up to school. Except one thing...where is his homework? And I realized ( like another one of those smacks in the face) that I threw it away. yes. The homework that he had worked so hard on and was so proud of. I feel terrible.

I am not looking forward to seeing him after school. Oiy! Maybe it is high time I turn my mommy card in...

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The Farr's said...

Don't be so hard on are a great mom!! Being a mom is the hardest job in the world!! All you can do is to keep loving your kids. That's all that matters. I love ya!!