Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

My tackle for today is...my whole house! Yikes! It all started with Ben taking some leave. What is it about having your husband home, that makes it so nothing gets done?! My neighbor was telling me that her house is always a mess when her dh is home on leave. Anyway, with Ben being home on leave,and then Ivan getting sick...the first thing to go (besides my diet!!) was the house. As I was tripping over things today, I decided I just needed to buckle down and get work done. It is getting gross around here! One of the things I am getting done? 7 loads of laundry! ugh.

There was one thing that I got done, that I have been meaning to do since June! Ever since our shipment got here. Wash my microwave. It was a gross nasty mess. Now it is sparkling clean and smells like 409.

I didn't take pictures this week because there would be way too many photos!

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Susan said...

Although it's Thursday, I need to tackle my whole house, too! Ugh. So not fun.