Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday ( a little late)

For me,it is Wednesday. But whatever...here is my tackle!

I have a wonderful husband.I really do. Ever since I started scrapbooking ( hello 10 years ago!) I have always had a spot to "do my thing". Wether it be a corner in our bedroom, a rolling cart, a converted closet etc. He has always been willing to let me have a spot.

Right now, my desk is in a large hall closet. I fit everything in there and went on my merry way. But the one thing that I have always had a problem with is...I don't like being seperate from the kids. Or Ben when he is home. When I am "in the zone", and working hard on a project, there is kind of a free for all in the house.

Because of this,I really wanted to move my scrapbook room to the living room. We never use this desk. The computer monitor was broken in our move, and so we always just use the lap top. The majority of our bills are paid online, so I hardly ever spend any time sitting and writing checks. Looking in all the bins and baskets, there really wasn't anything that needed to be in the living room. So...I started the process of moving things around.

I started out clearing off the desk.I put everything on my kitchen table and then moved all of the scrap stuff over. I am not done, but my "muscle" is at work. So Ben is going to move the desk and computer away. Then I will move my stuff the rest of the way over.

I am hoping to get more done this way. Ecspecially with Christmas card season rapidly approaching!

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What a Gift said...

I thought your tackle went very well I look forward to seeing more tackles in your future.