Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

Oh what a tackle it was! I got soooo much done today and I am soooo happy about it! Can't you tell by the number of o's? Anyway, on to the tackles! I wanted to do my upstairs hall closet. It wasn't terrible, but certainly annoying! I couldn't get a really clear picture because it is at the top of the stairs. So I didn't want to fall down the stairs in the attempt to get one!

My next tackle was my scrapbook desk. It has looked like that for over a month and so you can probably imagine how many pages I have done! I was really annoyed with myself, because as I kept going, I found so many cute things that I didn't even remember that I had!!! It really does pay to be organized.

And my last tackle, while it might not sound like anything big...it was. I made it to the post office. This is my least favorite of all errands when I have to drag kids along. It is in this barracks type area. It has this long hallway, and the kids run up and down and then try to push the door and leave. But I needed stamps. And so I put it on the list and tackled it today!


Marcia said...

Your tackle looks great - you're right. It really does pay to be organised :)

Organising queen and
Marcia's take charge blog

CP said...

Thankfully there is a post office where I work - the lines can be awfully long! Great tackle!

Bloggers said...

Great work!!

I have my first tackle up on my blog, but I was not able to take any recent pictures. (That is another tackle I have - to get a new digital camera!)


BUSY ME!!! said...

Huge congratulations, and well done... feel free to come and tackle my closets and cupboards any time :D

Tiff said...

Great tackle. I'm so not motivated today! Somone pinch me!!

sarah chia said...

Two weeks in a row? This is a feat I've yet to accomplish. LOL

Mother May I = Deb said...

Woo hoo my first tackle tuesday is tomorrow. Im hoping to tackle my PTA stuff, and at least sort the laundry in the laundry room!