Saturday, March 03, 2007

the not so quick update

This week has been a blend of: high fevers, runny noses, coughs, cookie runs, missed school, missed appts. and cabin fever. I finally escaped last night, and headed to a scrapbook night. Ben told me that Ivan & Connor ( who were the only ones that still had a fever) had finally cooled off by the time they went to bed. Hopefully this means that all the sickness is leaving our house! I sure hope so!

Ben's official orders should be in on Monday. Which means we will know for sure dates. After he has those, he can go in and get the date for our movers to come. So freakin' excited!! However, this also means that we have to get shots, dental appts. and passports to go overseas. Good times. I am sure the kids will be excited about that. Apparently it doesn't matter that Guam is a US Territory. We are still treated like we are going to a 3rd world country. So much to do. Need to start a major to do list.

Harmony has for the most part, missed the sickness that has been passed around this week. Knock on wood that it stays that way. She started her Saturday school last week, and is headed back this week. She told me that it is more fun than regular school. And they get a snack! She is trying to convince me to get her a dog. I told her no because we would have to do a lot of traveling with a dog, and that wouldn't be fair to the dog. So I told her she could ask me again when we get back to the states.

Ethan was bored staying at home after awhile. But he really got hit with a fever the worse of all the kids. I noticed that he wasn't feeling well on Sat. night and he stayed like that until Thursday. Finally yesterday he showed some signs of recovery. He is headed to the Home Depot workshop with Ben today. He had a great time last month so he is excited to go today. I know he is ready to get out of this house for awhile.

Connor really missed preschool this week! We got calls from a couple of friends making sure he was ok. It is nice to know that you are loved! He has been my constant companion this week. One time I told him that he was driving me nuts. So he said, " yeah well you are driving me sloppy joes" Then he just started naming any food he could think of. Cute kid, I tell yah. He is also hoping to go to HD with Daddy and Ethan. He wasn't warm this morning so hopefully he will feel fine.

Poor baby Ivan. He has really not been feeling well. He has thrown up on me, and fallen asleep on my lap a few times this week. It has been nice to actually cuddle with the kid. That hasn't happened since he was like 6 months old! However, by yesterday afternoon even I was getting cuddled out! His vocab is getting so much better. His favorite words are " Mommy, Lightning McQueen, car, cookie, cracker. But he is mimicking what the kids and I say. PLus he is working hard to say their names. Harmony being the hardest one to say. Go figure. One day he was looking at a book about colors, and under the grey, was a picture of a phone. And he pointed and said "gone". Phone with a "g" sound. I said that is right Ivan! So he pointed at it again and said, "right". Cute.

I am starting to feel better and am hoping to resume my walking on Monday. We cancelled the Y last week because we just don't have time to get in there. I have too much work to do during the day to be spending the whole preschool time there. So it has been hard to find a time for work outs. I am also hoping to get some stuff packed up in my scrap room today. I have a few empty boxes that I can use. Busy times.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. And Susan and Eric....we are jealous! Have a great time in Jamaica! Bring me back something good! :)

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