Saturday, March 17, 2007

5 senses Saturday

OK, new idea...we will see how long it lasts. Every Saturday 5 things from each of the 5 senses that I "sensed" today....ok here we go...

**Ben's video game
**"Harmony is doing so great at Saturday school!"
** "If somebody is mean to you, you just be really mean back." (ugh!)
**sizzling sausage on my griddle
**alarm clock

**snow flurries
**my 3 boys cuddled on the couch together
**a messy house
**birthday party madness
**a friend

** a snuggly boy on the couch
**hot shower
**dirty dishes
**steering wheel
**Ben's hand

**poopy diapers
**yummy dinner cooking
**laundry soap
**IHOP, while I was at Target
**cucumber & melon body wash

**frosted mini wheats
** french fries
**turkey burger ( no that was not all at one meal!)

Feel free to do your own list on your blog....

1 comment:

Cindy said...

I like that idea, I'll have to do it next Saturday :)