Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lego Mania

I have tried to explain to people, how obsessed my kids are with legos. Yet, I don't think I ever do it justice! I think you honestly have to be a fly on the wall at our house to understand. All 3 of the big kids love Legos. Ivan likes to dump Legos out. Of all the kids though, Connor gets into it the most. He builds at least one ship every day. He insists he doesn't know how to make anything else! Sometimes he gets really upset when Ivan breaks one and then other times he says, " that's ok! I can just make a new one!' And he does. Bigger and better. Which is actually what he is doing right now. The one in the picture has now been destroyed by Ivan. :( The kids get this from Ben as I don't remember ever playing with Legos. Ben likes to build with them also. Our kids unannimously ( not sure how to spell it) decided to go to Legoland instead of Disneyland this summer! There was no question in their minds where they would rather go! Yesterday Ethan and Connor went outside to build. They were so cute.

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