Sunday, March 25, 2007

Elite 8

I think most people know, that I have a huge crush on my husband. Which, all things considering, is a good thing! But one of the things that just make me think, " he is so cute" his love of all things U of O. Now I have to make a confession. One of the few times ( hopefully it is a few!) that I have dissapointed Ben is while we were dating. He was talking about going back to school and I had to confess that...I didn't know which school was which. Oregon State University or University of Oregon. And which one was the Ducks again? Although inwardly, he probably cringed, he just put his arm around me and said, " don't worry you will!" And he was right...

After a brief hiatus from school after his freshman year ( to marry me!) he went back in Jan. 1999. Sounds like so loooong ago!And since then, we have had at least one time in our home, Oregon shirts, hand towel, onesies, bibs, cheerleading outfits, stuffed animals, key chains, water bottles, stickers, hats, blankets, and more. Although the kids and I, uhm yeah don't get into it as much as their father, we still support him.

He watches his team win or lose. Football and basketball. If they are winning, he is grinning and happy. If they are losing, he has his head in his hands muttering to the tv. Threatening to turn it off. Sometimes he has...but never for long. He has been known to come to bed after a game, only to wake me up and let me know what the score was. I say great and go back to sleep. There are times when he has been really upset, and I have, cough, cough, suggested that maybe, he shouldn't watch it. That idea did not go well!!!

I do feel sorry for him though, because out here, Oregon games do not get much notice. The highlights are mostly Va & NC schools. Poor guy!

Well, typically I have hated the month of March. Since I have been married anyway. Because it is March Madness. That is when all the college basketball teams play. I am not sure where it starts, but I do know that it goes from the Sweet 16, to the Elite 8, and then onto the Final 4. Well on Friday, Ben stayed up to watch his game. I went to bed! However, the Ducks won and are now onto the Elite 8.

Friday before the game, we were in Target, and he was wearing, one of his many Oregon shirts. This guy was walking the opposite of us, and kept staring at Ben's shirt. Once we had passed, he said to his friend, " I thought that guys' shirt said Oregon Sucks." I laughed at that one! Now just to make him mad I say "Oregon sucks". :) Real mature...

But the thing I love the most about all this is that whatever Ben does...he does it 100%. He really gets into the things he is interested. He doesn't do it half way. I love that. And I love him. So...GO DUCKS!

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