Monday, March 19, 2007

too pooped to poop

OK...don't worry, not really. Close but not quite! Why am I so tired? Maybe because I finally got all of my clean laundry put away. I hate laundry. I also hate dishes. They are my least favorite of all household cleaning tasks. Why? Why do they get such hostile treatment? Because they are never done. Unless my family went running around naked all day every day,( which we will spare you!) never eating or sleeping or taking baths, or doing anything that might get us dirty, I will always have laundry and dishes to do. So maybe it is that never ending drudergy that makes me loathe it. But at this moment in time, the laundry is put away. And no one can bug me about his... I mean "their" black socks.

Or the other reason could be the fact that...I have a 2 year old. If you have never had a 2 year old, or it has been a long time, feel free to borrow mine. From the minute I said, " good morning Ivan!" and got him out of his bed, it has been..."no". "No bed, no cup, no shoes, no bye bye etc. etc Woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! So then everything after that was a fight. From STEALING a bag of M&M's from the commissary, to loading up Harmony's Hello Kitty suitcase with cereal bars, to scaling a bookshelf to climb onto Ethan's bunk bed, to putting on Connors Buzz shoes and jumping on my bed....whew. Ivan the Terrible strikes again. Luckily he is in bed. I read a quote one time " Mothers of boys work from Son up to Son down." And isn't that the truth!

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