Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Who am I to question but...

*why does Ivan have to poop in a brand new clean diaper?

*why does my neighbor's son, Walter, insist on ringing our doorbell every time he sees my van parked outside?

*why does Ivan keep trying to color in the Bible while saying "paper"

*why is that Ethan, who is normally my first one dressed, chose this morning to play instead of get his shoes on?

*Why does Connor insist on watching Star Wars every morning to school? Does he not realize that I have to LISTEN to it every morning?

*Why does the preschool not put a volunteer out to watch little siblings, who are staying in the car, so you can run the older kids in a lot faster?

*What is a spirit link? It is a fundraiser at school and they want the kids to buy them and the money will go to charity. It is only .25 but what exactly am I buying?!

* Why do we have to fill out reading logs? Can't I just sign my name if we read that day?

*Why did I run out of laundry soap when I was finally caught up?

OK I am done for now. Whew. Feels good to get that out. Maybe later I will share my bus driver story....

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