Friday, March 23, 2007


One of our most favorite things about our Y membership was Parents Night Out. All 4 kids from 6-9. It was great. They loved it and so did we. Well, once I chose to cancel my membership parents night out was lost also. So when I heard that the young women in our ward were doing a parents night out, I don't think I signed my kids up fast enough! Now, it actually has not been that long since we had a night out together. Actually it was 13 days ago. Seabee Ball. But, I realized something after that last date night. Not only do Ben and I love each other, but we want to spend time together. We are not so caught up in the kids, or his job,or packing that we don't make time. We want to be together. We have a gift certificate to a Mexican restaraunt, and than to Target to buy some birthday gifts. Connor and Harmony both have a party to go to tomorrow. So what do I do with Ethan? But anyway, I am going to enjoy tonight. Only 2.5 more hours!

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