Saturday, March 31, 2007

5 senses Saturday

**General Conference
**table saw
** "Hi Ethan! Mom this is my bestest friend Ethan!" (said by Terell while we were at Wal Mart)
** "no, no good night night"
**dishwasher & washer

*a messy house
*the most humble men & women speaking
*little boys playing outside
*a little girl enjoying her last day of Saturday school
*Easter mug

* holding hands with my boys in the parking lot
* snuggling with Ben
*dirty laundry
*my camera

*shredded wheat w/ a banana
*lots of water
*mandarin oranges
*mesquite chicken
*a piece of hubba bubba

*dirty kids from playing outside
*Tide with Downy in it
*a garbage can that needs to be emptied
*Love Potion lotion ( my FAVORITE!)

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