Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I am the kind of person, who tries to take others advice. I do. Wether from friends, teachers, my kid's teachers, parents etc. I figure if they have done "the leg work" I might as well, learn from it. That way I don't have to work for it. I listen and then try to judge if it works for me. Sometimes it has worked out wonderfully. Not so much other times but it is a learning process.

Well, little Miss Harmony has been having insomnia. That might be too severe of a word but she has been having a lot of problems getting to sleep at night. We tell her that she has to be in her bed by 7:30 and that she could read or whatever but she has to be in her bed. The other night it was a quarter to 10 and she was still up. She started crying because, " I just can't get to sleep". This was not the first time. She is staying up late on a regular basis and actually told one of the other GS moms' that she has stayed up until midnight before.

I have been so frustrated with her. Because in the mornings she is a monster to deal with!! It is hard to get her out of bed and get going, she is soooo crabby, has an attitude about everything. My patience with her is at a bare minimum.

We thought that it might be caused from her thinking so much that she just can't "shut her brain off" at night.And that the reading may be making it worse not better.

Last night I got to talking to a friend and she has a son who is in the gifted program at school. And she told me that he has insomnia and gets headaches. She told me a remedy but that it took her son 3 weeks before he started sleeping regularly. So tonight it starts. I hope for Harmony's sake and mine that it works. I want my little girl back!! I feel like a mean, bad Mom because I haven't wanted to deal with her lately. But it isn't her fault. So all I can do now is try to help her deal. Part of the remedy, is to give her Benadryl at night until her sleep pattern is regulated again. Apparently Ben had to do the same thing. So I'll let you know what happens tonight!

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