Sunday, March 25, 2007

5 Senses Saturday ( or Sunday)

Our computer was not working very well yesterday, and since we were so busy, I didn't have much time to blog anyway. So here it is today...

* birthday balloons
*the sun coming up
*a LaZboy delivery truck, making a delivery at 6 am
*bare cupboards in the pantry
* a sad boy, because the other 2 kids were both invited to b-day parties

*the blips of the cash register
*" Mommy I made a new friend"
*" Look, I won 2 prizes!"
* the car starting many times during the day
* Faith Hill cd

*the pavement as I fell while on my morning walk
* a little boy who was covered in dirt from head to toe
* a soccer ball
*groceries that needed to be put away
*new shoes on my feet, that I love

* shredded wheat
* yummy fruit
*cheese pizza
* do si do's
* milk

*Electrosal tabs
*stinky kids after playing outside
*4 bags of garbage ( cleaned out the fridge, pantry and all kitchen cupboards!)
* rotiserie chicken at the commissary
*Dial hand soap

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