Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the bad mom strikes again...

Harmony and I did not have a very good start to our day. She tried to convince me that she was still sick and needed to stay home. Seriously, she was the least sick of all of them. I had woken up late, because thanks to my little carrier monkeys, I am now sick. So we were rushing around and I told her to go put on her glasses. 20 minutes later..."go get your glasses on". 10 min. later..." Harmony we have 15 min. until it is time to go. Please go get your glasses."

H:" Well, I found 2 pairs of glasses but neither of them are mine."

M:" then go get yours"

H: looking down..." I don't know where they are."

Mommy very angrily goes up and helps her look. Can't find them anywhere. It is after 8 and my lecture on responsibility is getting me know where. I swear the girl couldn't care less. Get her to school backpack.

" You are killing me Harmony. Why didn't you get your backpack?"

H:" You didn't tell me too."

M: " Do you need your back pack everyday?"

H:" yes"

M:" Well so then what would make today any different?"

Get her in to school and ask her teacher if she could sit closer. Yes no problem. Here is the thing, I asked Harmony when she knew her glasses were missing. She said yesterday. So as calm as a I could I said, "so yesterday, when we were home all day, and could have looked for them, you didn't tell me?"

H" I didn't want to tell you because I thought you would be mad."

M " well I am mad now so it backfired didn't it?"

I get back in the car and I am still upset. I call Ben to tell him that I am going to put his daughter up for adoption. I am trying to figure out what to feed the missionaries for dinner tonight, get the house cleaned, grocery shop, deal with sick kids and...I started crying. Poor guy didn't even see it coming. He offered to take the missionaries out to dinner and I don't think I said yes fast enough! A burden was lifted. Went home and found Harmony's a bin with Barbie stuff. I debated on wether or not to bring them to school b/c I thought maybe if she went without them she would realize she needed to take better care of her things. In the end though...I brought them. And when I went to pick her up, she said, " guess what Mom? I went to school without my glasses, and now I am coming home with them."

M " Yeah Harm, how do you think that happened?"

H" I don't know...magic?"

M " You are so not my favorite kid today..."

So that is it. My way long drawn out story. It did feel good to get it out though. BTW-she was a perfect angel all afternoon. Give and take I guess!

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