Sunday, February 04, 2007

birthday pics

Happy Birthday to Ivan!! It is crazy to think how fast these two years went. Flew by really. We celebrated very quietly yesterday. While Ivan was taking a nap, Ben sneaked off to get his gifts. I frosted some cupcakes. He was opening his presents and Ben came in and cut off one of his curls.! :( I started crying. I know, I am lame. Ben thought I was crying because of the hair, but that wasn't why. It was because it hit me that this is our last baby. We have made the decision (99%) that we are done. And so having this little party, with his 1st haircut. It just hit me. No more babies. He is moving onto toddlerhood. Sigh. Of course, there are more things to look forward too. It just hit me. So anyway, here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

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