Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Post office field trip

Connor went on a field trip yesterday, to check out the post office. And to send a very special "something" in the mail. The man who normally does it wasn't there, and so one of the other workers did it. Apparently, it has been a lot more exciting in other years! :) I thought it was pretty cool though! Can we say stacks of junk mail?! Anyway, Connor's favorite part, which I am sure everyone else's was, was to sit on the mail truck and get to honk the horn. It was so cold and rainy outside but I think it was worth the wait for him! Then we went back inside and each child got a bag with exactly .37 in it. Poor Ms. Skees had to count out all of the bags. For like 20 kids! But they all got to hand the worker their money and she gave them super hero stamps. Then he got to put the mail in the slot. Fun times!

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