Saturday, February 24, 2007


Harmony has had such a busy week and for the most part, her behavior has been good. She gets tired and that is when she gets cranky. Yesterday I was able to go on a field trip with her to go to Nauticus. It is a marine science museum. Although it does have a Naval History Museum in it. They had a spot where you could reach in and touch sharks ( yes SHARKS) but Harm was not about to do that. I couldn't even get her to reach in and touch a star fish! After they finished walking around, her class went into a little classroom and did some science experiments and talked about weather. Harmony impressed me by knowing all of the answers! The lady from Nauticus kept telling Harmony that she had to talk louder, since she knew all the answers but...Then we headed to the gift shop. We left and went to Hardees for lunch( which I still refer to as Carls Jr) and then picked up the boys. We had fun. I am so glad that I have people who are willing to watch kids for me so that I can go and do things with the other kids. I like to spend one on one time, it just isn't easy! Anyway...I am off to bed soon. Stayed up late last night scrappin' and it is starting to hit me!

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