Monday, February 26, 2007

mother hen

Ben once told me that he could tell how mad I was at him, by how hard I cleaned. I have used cleaning as a way to work off agression before...and if the fact that I have mopped the kitchen and the dining room is any indication...well I am mad. Luckily for Ben, is not at him! It is at a 2nd grader. And no, not my 2nd grader. I am trying to get some things done when I get a call from the school nurse. Honestly, I wasn't that surprised. I mean, when you have more than one person in a house, it doesn't take long for the others to get sick. But she said, " well I am calling you for 2 reasons. Harmony, threw up some of her lunch.The other reason is because Harmony was CHOKED by one of her class mates." Excuse me, what? Did I just hear that correctly?! I went to pick her up and she told me that they had been in centers, and this girl had been hogging all the blocks. So Harmony and her friend Tayquan, were telling her she needed to give some to everybody. When she reached over and started choking Harmony. Then when Harmony went to tell, she started choking Tayquan. Her teacher sent her to the nurse. There were no finger prints on her or anything. Well...when I went in to get her, I told the nurse how concerned I was and she said, " I would be too, why don't you go and talk to her teacher and find out exactly what happened." Because all she knew was what Harm had told her. So I talked to her teacher and they brought the girl out. She said she was just "playing". Ms. Rushing, told her to go back in the classroom after apologizing. Ms Rushing was upset, and told her that it wouldn't happen again and that she would take care of the punishment. We were walking to the car, and I was telling her that, Tia, that was the girl, thought that was an ok thing to do because she was upset. And Harmony told me, which I wished she would have told Ms. Rushing but I will tell her, "Tia told us that if we ever did it again, she would choke us until we stopped breathing." Ugh. Sick to my stomach. I don't even know what to do or say. It is so upsetting. I am the mother hen and I wasn't there to protect her from that. I don't know what else to say. I just had to get it out. So upset. Harmony was shaken up. I hate this....

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