Monday, February 12, 2007

pause button

Lately,it feels like my life is on fast forward. So many things to do and not enough time or energy to get them all done. I spent this morning trying to reclaim my house from the weekend. And I am not done. I have more to do. And miles to go before I sleep. Sometimes I wish I could just hit a pause button on my life, and say " I'll turn it back on, just let me catch my breath!" "Let me catch up on the laundry and the dishes and than I will push play again". However, this has never happened. Feb. is/has been insane. Busy almost every single day. Sometimes more than one thing. It is tiring. I'm tired. So I am taking just a teeny break before I have to finish laundry, make dinner, help kids with homework, unload the dishwasher etc. etc.

Ben has been talking about getting a table saw forever. And on Sat. the stars aligned and he went to Lowes and got one. However, with the lack of a garage, he has not been able to use it yet. Plus the weather has been pretty crappy! He has been so busy with work that I really missed him. I am glad it is winding down! He turns 29 next week! He's getting old! :)

Harmony had a great time at her Girl Scout Thinking Day on Saturday. She said she played games, made crafts, and had lunch. She is happy because she gets a patch just for coming! Tomorrow is her honor roll ceremony. I am sooo glad Ben will be able to come. He is usually deployed, so it will be nice for him to see her. She has to do a famous American project and has chosen Jackie Robinson. She informed me, that she wanted Ben to be the one to help her. I agreed to that very quickly!

When it comes to the boy's church clothes in the summer, I am pretty relaxed. It is hot here and the a/c in our building is hardly ever working. So it is usually polo's, khaki shorts and sandals. Ethan grew out of his sandals and his church shoes. But I have put off, and put it off buying him new church shoes. Ugh, I hated him going in his tennis shoes. I finally told him that we wer going to go and get him some new ones.He didn't want to because " I don't want to wear handsome boy clothes". I made him though and guess who was the first child dressed on Sunday? When he came home, he took his shoes off and put them back in the box. Guess it wasn't so bad being handsome!

Connor is getting very excited for his birthday party. It is a Cars party. Susan, had some leftover invitations from TJ's party, and so she sent them too me. Well there weren't enough so I had to go and get some more. I go to Target and they only come in pkgs of invites & thank you cards. Well I don't need the thank you cards because Susan sent me some. Ugh. So now I have to go and search tonight for just invites. Otherwise it is going to cost me $8 just to get invitations. I felt like Steve Martin in the Father of the Bride with the hot dogs and the buns!

Speaking of Cars, Ivan has learned a new word. McQueen. If you haven't seen Cars lately ( or don't have little kids around) the main car in the movie is called Lightning McQueen. He will now point at the dvd player in the car and say "mooie, McQueen". Yeah, totally cute.

I am still trying to keep up. I got a book like 2 weeks ago, still trying to get it read. I hate that! Anyway, I have to help kids with homework and writing Valentines. They want hot dogs and chips for dinner and I am all over that!

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Susan said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel! If I had a pause button, though, I would use it to take a nice, long, uninterrupted nap!