Saturday, February 24, 2007

my sweetest heart

I don't know if the kid practices things that he knows will make me gush, or if it is just a natural thing, but Ethan is literally soooo sweet. I mentioned a time that when questioned, what was his favorite thing about his family he said, " my Mom", awwww, but tonight he just had me. Made me melt.

We were discussing his birthday party and he decided he pretty much wanted to do the same thing as Connor. So I asked him who he would like to invite, and the first person was me. :)

Then later, he said, " Mommy I want you to ask me what my favorite is."
Me-" Your favorite what?"
E- " anything. Just ask me a question and it can't be what my favorite tv show is."
M-" ok, where is your favorite place to eat?" ( Totally expecting McD's, or Chuck E Cheese) when he says,
" My favorite place to eat dinner is at our house with you"

Yum! That kid is just delicious! He totally has me eating out of his hand!

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