Wednesday, February 28, 2007

little sickies

I am so tired of sick kids. Seriously. Could they just start to feel better?!I had some major de-cluttering plans for this week and it is not happening. I have been taking care of someone since Saturday night. Ethan started off the morning with no fever, just a cough. So against my better judgement, I let him go to school. When he got home, he got a blanket and pillow and layed in front of the tv and didn't move until an hour ago when I told him it was time to start getting ready for bed. Now he is really warm...again. Connor is getting worse and has the whole green snot thing going. He has been carrying a box of tissue around.

I had finished reading to them and Ethan asked if he could just sleep in my bed. I asked why and he just didn't want to move. I gave him some medicine and told him if he were alseep in 15 min. he could stay, otherwise he had to go get in his bed. Well then Connor starts crying because, " you never let me sleep in your bed" Maybe that is because he has his own...So I gave in. Told him he had 15 minutes. And there they are. Sound asleep. It is a sweet sight. Poor Ben is going to be the one that puts Ethan on his bunk bed!

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