Friday, January 26, 2007

Support your local girl scout

I am not a big fan of fundraisers. Mainly because the products, are so overpriced. I do understand however, that programs and schools have fundraisers because well...they need funds.Currently Harmony & Ethan's school is selling cookie dough. A 3lb tub is $12!! Yes you read that right. And that is for "regular" ones. The ones with Heath or M&M's are $14! Yikes. A 5lb. tub at BJ's is $6. So I have a huge problem with that one. I am refusing to buy them and would rather give the school a check for $24. Connor's school just got done having a book fair, and really, that is the only fundrasier that I can get behind. Because they get books. And books are good. So why am I boring you with talk about fundraisers? Because Harmony is now a Girl Scout. And you know what that means..." there are cookies so special that they are hand delivered by uniformed officers." ( That was a quote from the kid's movie "Over the Hedge".) Harmony is selling girl scout cookies. Her first initial order has to be in by Monday. You don't have to pay until the cookies come in, so I am on here begging people to buy. Buy a box of cookies that costs $3.50. Because they need the help. Harmony's troop is through her school. Her school does not have much money. So this is their huge fundraiser. This allows for field trips, and progrmas. I have been looking at the Girl Scout website and here are some things that I have read that I thought were interesting...

*between 5th-6th grade, girls start thinking that math and science are too hard

*if girls are actively participating in after school programs, they do better in school

*girls understand that obesity is a problem and "just want to be average", not stick thin

Harm has only been in girl scouts for 2 weeks. BUT, the first time I went and picked her up, I watched her with a group of girls, singing the girl scout song, and talking and laughing. This week, I went in and she was role playing. She was having a great time. She has had to do a couple of things where she has to write about who she is. I love it. I love that she has no issues with self esteem. She knows who she is and what she likes. But I also realize that, that can change. I don't want it too.
So if you want to support my little girl scout, we would really appreciate it. There are 8 different kinds. Each box is 3.50. There are Samoas ( my personal fav!) with coconut, Thin mints, do-si-does ( peanut butter cremes), All Abouts ( shortbread &fudge), trefoils ( shortbread), Tagalongs (peanut butter patties), sugar free Little Brownies and Cafe Cookies. If you don't live here, I will be happy to ship them to you. Money has to be recieved by 2/25. If you want to donate $$ but not actually get the cookies, that would also be appreciated. If you would please place an order, you can email it to me, or call me.
Thanks for the support. We really appreciate it. And don't worry, I will not be trying to get you to buy anything else. I promise.

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Little Hensley Fam said...

hey we want to buy some girl scout cookies from you so bring the sign up sheet for us either tomorrow at the primary activity or on Sunday at church!