Thursday, January 11, 2007

Barney & breakfast

Sick of me yet? Well you will be! Last post, for awhile. Ivan has an adorable plush Lightning McQueen that Grandma Harmon got him for Christmas. He sleeps with it every night BUT if he gets a chance to steal Connor's Barney, he will do it in a heartbeat. Imagine his delight, when I realized that we still had this huge one, from when Harm was little. He decided to hold it the whole time that he was eating breakfast.

He is growing up so fast, and wants to do everything that the big kids are doing. He carries a lunch bag to the Y everyday, ( totally cute but I never have my camera. Will try to get one sometime!) He wants to watch movies in the car, he will point and scream and even said something that sounds like movie. He wants milk in his cereal ( I give him a couple of drops) and does not want to sit in his booster chair. He wants to sit in a big chair at the table. He also doesn't want to sit in his car seat and will climb to the back of the van if possible. Oh yeah,and how could I forget...his favorite word is the dreaded NO.
Anyway, that is all. I am signing off. Except one last thing...Harmony brought a library book home...The Babysitters Club. Love it. Love having a girl!

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Susan said...

Ivan's getting to be such a big boy! He and Toby should get together - sounds like they are doing lots of the same things. I remember LOVING Babysitter Club when I was little - fun, fun!