Thursday, January 04, 2007

"robber movie"

Connor is totally OBSESSED with the movie Home Alone.He calls it the robber movie. He loves it. Talks about it constantly. The kids are getting to the age where a movie doesn't have to be a cartoon, to be funny. Because Connor has a longer drive to school than the other kids, he gets to pick what he watches. Today he picked Home Alone. Here are just some of the cute things coming from the back seat...

" Mommy, when me and Ethan are home alone, we are going to put a whole bunch of cars on the top of the stairs and make the robbers slip on them!"

" If you leave, me and Ethan are going to set up traps for robbers. Except we don't have robbers in this town."

"I am going to get a cheese pizza all by myself!"

"Remember the part, when he puts the ornaments on the ground and the robbers step on them and hurt their feet?"

" I want to ride on a sled down the stairs but I will hold on and I won't fall off."

"Uh-oh the plane went off with out him!"

"Mom is his name Evan or Heaven?" Me: "huh? oh no sweetie it's Kevin." " Oh, ok I can say that."

" Mommy, do you remember when I got this in my stocking? I love this robber movie."


Susan said...

Our family loves Home Alone, too! My kids refer to Kevin as "Home Alone," as in, "Mom, what's Home Alone doing?"

marie said...

Well Connor's fav. thing now is " I made my family disappear!" Hasn't got the eyebrow raise down quite yet but....