Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gearing up...

We are gearing up for a very busy week. Ben is out of town this week. He left this morning to go to Camp Lejune ( or however you spell it) in North Carolina. His orders have him returning on Friday but they are hoping to be back on Thursday night. He is going with a few people from his office. So I get to handle this busy week all by myself! In a half an hour I am going to go pick up Ethan. An hour after that, we are going to go pick Harm up from girl scouts. Then we are going to McD's for dinner, because I have to have the kids to a friends house by 6:30. Then I am headed to an Enrichment ( church mtg. for women)where I am involved in a "visiting teaching fashion show". As soon as it is over, I am going back to pick up kids and then they are home for bed. Wed & Thursday are not too bad.

Friday morning, Harmony and Ethan don't have school. But Connor does. And he has a field trip.Yikes! A friend is going to watch Ivan for me. So drop Ivan off at like 8:45, drop Connor off at 9. Go on the field trip, bringing Harm and Ethan with me. Drop Connor back off at school. Pick Ivan up. Pick Connor up. Play date at McD's. Go to a movie night at church at 6:30. Put kids to bed when over.

Sat. morning is a primary activity. I have to stay there. That starts at 10. Come home when that is done and clean. Do errands. Missionaries are coming over for dinner at 6 and then Ben is going out with them. Ugh.

Busy week. Yikes. Wish me luck!

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