Thursday, January 11, 2007

So not the drama

Whew! Hello drama! Our life is so crazy sometimes. Running around everywhere. I honestly do feel like I spend more time in my van then I do at home.It is a good thing that I love my van. Uhm yeah! I feel like I have been neglecting my blog...but I really haven't. It is not like I have gone weeks or something. So anyway, total randomness to share...

All the kids do anymore is play Lego Star Wars 2. Or legos. I am not kidding. If I dumped a bucket of legos on the floor, changed batteries in the controller, and walked out for a few days, probably wouldn't even notice that I am gone! Ben and I could go on a 2nd honeymoon or something.

I read 2 stories to the kids every night. So when it comes time to earn rewards from school, for reading, my kids are all over it. They earned a free ticket to go see a college basketball game. There were only 2 different nights that you could go and yesterday was one of them. Hello? Thanks for the notice! The other is tonight. So Ben is going to take them. But what about Connor? Ben is just going to pay for him to go. Which I think is only fair because he read all the stories too. However, last night Harmony couldn't find her tickets anywhere and insisted that she brought them home. We search everywhere. I go into school with her to see if I can find them in her desk. Her teacher said she will see if she can find an extra one. Next, I head to Ethan's class. I let her know that we hadn't recieved Ethan's yet, but had already recieved Harmony's. She thinks she accidentally gave it away. Went to go look for extra's and there weren't any. crap. So she asked me how much the tickets were. I told her I had no clue. She said she would like to pay for Ethan to go. I said no way. She said, " Ethan is such a good kid, and totally ignores the drama and the craziness that goes on in here every day. I would really like to reward him with it, since it was probably her fault. She won't take no for an answer. Long story short, although not really, is that the kids are going to a basketball game.

Connor, the golden child, also not really, but with my posts lately, might make him seem that way, is causing wardrobe problems at school. What? Yeah, apparently his friend Jacob, doesn't think that he should have to wear long sleeved shirt s because Connor T. doesn't. Oops. I let her know that he actually does either wear a sweatshirt/ flannel under his coat. He just likes to take it off as soon as he gets there.

Whew! So did you get all that? I am not actually done though. I will put it in different posts though!

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