Monday, January 08, 2007

alone time & Ethan

Yesterday was terrible. It was TERRIBLE. My class who I described as disruptive? Not even close.I really didn't think it was going to be that bad. I was wrong. And....testimony mtg. went over, so we were not even in there the regular amount of time. I came home crying. I also came home a little sore after having to pick up more than one kid to drag them out. So I was in desperate need of alone time. However, Ben had to go give a talk at a meeting last night. So he was gone. I got the kids to bed and just lay on the couch. Pretty much dead to the world. Until Sleepless In Seattle came on. I watched that and crashed. This morning, I decide, I am going to get up early. I am going to unload the dishwasher, load the washer, read my scriptures and check email. Right? My personal time. I wake up and go down stairs. Not even all the way down when I hear Ethan's door open. Irritating. The fact is, if I tiptoe down our stairs...he wakes up. If I walk normally...he wakes up. If my door creaks...he wakes up. If it doesn't make a sound...he wakes up.The kid is a morning person.And this is no where near the first time that this has happened. But I am suffering. He says to me, " wow Mom, it's really quiet down here" Yeah Ethan...that is the whole point. How does a Mom of 4 get alone time in a house so small? I think I may have to start staying up later. That way I can just tell him to go back to bed if he gets up. I just did not need it this morning. I needed a break. Oh well, what are you gonna do? :(

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