Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 Highlights

So I only made it to 11:15 last night. Oh well right? I still made my resolutions, and as of day 1, I have completed everything I wanted too. 1 day down only a gazillion more to go. I actually love making resolutions. I love the chance to start over, and try again. Who doesn't love a do-over? I know that the success rate for resolutions is not very high. But, it doesn't hurt to try.To try to be better. 2006 really had it's ups and downs. So I decided to do what the tv stations do...record the highlights, the highs and the lows. Here goes:

Jan- Ben was gone. School back in session. Marie joins the Y. Life is lonely but we are handling it. Harmony is doing cheerleading.

Feb- 3birthdays, goodbye parties ( my friend Melissa), a Valentines Day spent with the flu. First major breakdown by Marie. Excellent parent teacher conferences at pre-school.

March-cheerleading is over, soccer season starts, Ivan takes his first steps, halfway through the deployment

April-finally get digital cable, soccer still in full swing, Easter , pancake breakfast, Spring break, Build a bear, 4 mo. done

May- 1 birthday, Mothers Day, many field trips, soccer finishes, spring program for boys, end of year parties for boys, 5 mo done

June- the boys go to summer fun at preschool, beach trips, picnics, Henry's move :(, zoo trip with Heine's, Ben returns on the 24th, lots of trips to the pool

July-softball for Ben, 4th of July with friends, Jim and Christy Turner visit, go to D.C. (and Ikea!!), 8 yr. anniversary, Busch Gardens, Vale comes,

Aug-1 birthday, command functions, the Farr family were sealed in the temple, meeting new teachers, Vale goes home

Sept- Marie's birthday, school starts, parents night out at the Y, High priest camp out, softball tournament for Ben

Oct-school projects, pumpkin parties, planning meetings, school pictures, trunk or treat and trick or treating, costumes

Nov-field trips ( fire station, pumpkin patch 2x's), visiting Colonial Williamsburg, Thanksgiving programs, Ben makes Lieutenant, Ben goes to Oregon for a week, a kind of lonely Thanksgiving, dvd player in the van fixed

Dec- Christmas parties for Ben, ward Christmas party, concerts, babysitting, birthday parties, school Christmas parties, going to the Christmas lights on the Boardwalk, Christmas and all that comes with it.....

Whew! What a busy year! Looking forward to 2007 and all it brings with it!

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