Wednesday, January 17, 2007


For the past few days, Connor has been asking me for an orange in his lunch. However, since this always includes me being the one to peel it, I usually opt for..ahem..something packaged that is easier to just toss into his lunch bag. Horrible I know. Not giving him fruit in place of something else BUT I do make him eat vegi's. So, today I decided to cut him up an orange. I usually use sandwich bags, but man they go so fast! They aren't expensive, but still...So I stuck his orange, and some pretzels into containers, telling him tomake sure he brought the containers back. I picked him up from school, and asked how his day was etc. Then I asked him if he brought back my containers....

" yeah, but the orange is still in it's container."
M-" Why didn't you eat the orange? You have been asking me for one forever?!"
C-" Mom, I don't eat oranges on Wednesdays."

uhm...ok whatever you say little dude!

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